Growing Strawberries In Grow Bags


Strawberries are not only delicious, but they are also quite easy to raise. The best part is that you can also grow strawberries in a grow bag, which means that these plants don’t require much maintenance. Growing strawberries in grow bags have various advantages rather to growing them in the ground. It’s wonderful to grow your own strawberries, and you can easily fit them on your balcony or patio if you do it in a bag. These plants take little care and flourish in grow bags.

Which Strawberries Grow Bags Should You Use?

Growing Strawberries In Grow Bags

Choosing the properly grow bag for your strawberries is an essential step. Fabric is the greatest material for a grow bag because it is highly permeable and allows for optimum air circulation. Traditional plastic tomato grow bags can also be used. Water will not leak from the sides if you use a grow bag with a waterproof liner.

Growing Strawberries In Grow Bags

Strawberry grow bags which is having pocket-like openings on their sides where the strawberry plants can be planted in addition to the topsoil layer. The grower can therefore put more plants in these strawberries grow bags. These high-grow bags allow strawberries to develop without ever touching the ground, improving the flavor of the berries. Side holes/pockets can be easily formed in conventional grow bags, as well.

Growing Strawberries In Grow Bags

Grow Bag Size

There are several sizes available on the market. Consider the space that can be used for them when selecting a grow bag. It is important to note that utilizing a larger bag will not result in more strawberries. Strawberry grow bags should be between five and eight gallons in capacity. These measurements will guarantee that each of your strawberry plants receives enough space and soil to grow healthily.

When Should You Plant?

Planting strawberries in the spring and fall promotes healthy growth. You can purchase strawberry seeds or young plants that are ready to be planted permanently. Although growing strawberries from seeds can be a very remarkable experience, for the majority of gardeners, buying strawberries as young plants is the suggested method of obtaining fresh plants.


Strawberries require a well-drained soil that is high in organic materials. Potting mix can be used, but before putting the mix in the grow bags, you should add compost to it. It’s also a smart idea to apply a small amount of fertilizer that has 10% nitrogen, 10% phosphorus, and 10% potassium, or NPK 10-10-10, as it will add more nutrients. A mixture of coco coir or peat moss, with perlite, vermiculite, compost, or worm castings, is another excellent potting mixture.

Growing Strawberries In Grow Bags

This potting soil is not only reasonably priced, but it also has adequate drainage and functions as a healthy growing medium in general. To promote good water drainage, some grow bags have very big drainage holes; the grower should cover the drainage holes with flat rocks (to prevent soil from leaking out of the bag) before filling the grow bag with potting mix.

The potting mixture must be poured into the side pocket openings as well. Although compost and NPK fertilizer are typically more than enough, the gardener can add a slow-release organic fertilizer to the soil at this point. After placing a strawberry plant in each pocket of the holes, the top soil layer should be covered with the plants. Make sure to avoid burying the crown, or the area above the roots. The grow bag should now be placed in direct sunlight with the soil lightly yet firmly compacted around the roots.

How Many Plants Can You Grow In A Bag?

Typically, strawberry plants are compact and fit comfortably inside a grow bag. However keep in mind that, like all other plants, your strawberry plant needs plenty of space to grow, so make your plans appropriately. Planting no more than three plants in a bag will ensure that you receive strong, healthy plants. It ensures that each plant receives adequate soil volume.


After extra water runs out of the bottom of the bag, the grower should water the plants again thoroughly. If a proper potting mix is used, the water will drain well because the bottom has drainage holes. Also, the gardener should water both the plants in their pockets and those in the topsoil layer. Strawberry plants require a lot of moisture, however, if the liquid remains in the soil, the roots will rot. Because of this, the grower needs to make sure the soil is not wet. The bushes will soon flower, and the berries will be available for picking 4-6 weeks after blooming.

Only fully red berries should be harvested by the gardener. Strawberry grow bags are an economical, space-saving, simple, and enjoyable way to obtain these appealing berries in their fresh, succulent, delicious, and home-grown form. In addition to tasting significantly better than strawberries grown commercially, strawberries grown in grow bags and pots can be highly attractive.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Grow Bags

For individuals who only have a patio or balcony for growing space, strawberry grow bags are extremely useful. Any container garden has fewer weed problems, which makes taking care of the plants easier. They are less vulnerable to pests and disease since the plants hang above the ground. Saving important garden space, the strawberry grow bag can support 9 to 15 plants in the air.

Raising strawberries in containers can be difficult. Water does not always reach the bottom plants; as a result, gardeners may overwater in an attempt to solve the problem, and strawberry plant roots might rot as a result of too much moisture. Compared to strawberries grown traditionally, grow bag plants require more frequent waterings and fertilizer applications, which adds a little extra work. Strawberry grow bags are more expensive than growing the plants in the ground because strawberry plants in bags don’t reproduce on their own and need to be replaced every two to three years. Also, in colder climates, the strawberries will die if the grow bags are not brought indoors during the winter.

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