Best Homemade Fertilizer For Pothos

10 Best Homemade Fertilizer For Pothos 2024: A Complete Guide

Pothos is a popular indoor plant due to its ease of maintenance. It can grow in practically any potting soil, but it performs best in a mixture rich in organic materials. Pothos will flourish in various lighting situations, including dim indirect and bright direct light. Pothos doesn’t have many fertilizer requirements. Throughout the growing season,…

How To Make Homemade Fertilizer For Flowers

DIY Guide: How to Make Homemade Fertilizer for Flowers

Every expert gardener understands that healthy soil leads to healthy plants. Therefore, you must make sure that your soil is nourished! However, fertilizer may be very expensive, and store-bought products might contain various chemicals, some of which are hazardous to the environment. This factor contributes to the widespread perception that home gardening is a very…

Best Plants For Kokedama

15+ Discover The Best Plants for Kokedama Masterpieces

Kokedama, which means “moss ball” in English, refers to a ball of earth that has moss growing on it. This popular gardening technique, which has its roots in Japan, is utilized in Japanese gardens. Kokedama is sometimes known as “poor man’s bonsai.” It’s comprised of wet kokedama soil and keto molded into a ball. What…

Black Spots On Houseplants Leaves

How to Get Rid of Black Spots on Houseplants Leaves: A Comprehensive Guide

Black spots on your houseplants leaves are a common indicator that something is wrong with it. This article will explain what are the reasons for black spots on houseplants leaves. Why Do Home Plant Leaves Have Black Spots? 1. Fungal Infection Most indoor plants are eye-catching and necessitate meticulous care. Fungal infection causes sudden black…

Common House Plant Diseases

12 Common House Plant Diseases: How to Identify and Treat Them

Your home will look lovely and have a touch of nature with houseplants. The harsh reality is that various common houseplant diseases can infect them, changing their beauty unattractive or even killing them. Many people are aware of plant diseases of outdoor plants, however, interior plants are also susceptible to disease. Here is a list…


How to Grow a Cactus: A Comprehensive Guide for Thriving Succulents

Cacti are the most unusual and elegant plants globally, with bold shapes of all kinds and beautiful green color variations. A cactus plant is a great insertion to the home because of its striking shape, size, and flowers. These houseplants are a unique, decorative way to add interest to your home, living space, and office….

Indoor Plant Care

Indoor Plant Care: A Comprehensive Guide

Indoor plants help to create a pleasant home environment because of their colorful flowers or attractive leaves called foliage. Most of the plants that we grow indoors are simply outdoor plants from warmer countries. They have their origins in mountainous regions, rain forests, wide-open plans, and deserts. The indoor plants also have the same likes…

10 Best Indoor Plants

10 Indoor Plants That Will Brighten Up Your Home and Improve Air Quality

1. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum) Chlorophytum comosum falls in the Asparagaceae plants family, native to southern Africa. The spider plant is considered one of the most adaptable indoor plants and the easiest to grow because it can grow in a wide range of conditions. Spider plants are great as indoor plants since they are adding…

Terrarium plants

How to Make Your Own Terrarium in 8 Easy Steps

A terrarium is an attractive miniature garden in a clear glass container for the places where people live and work. The word Terrarium had been formed through “terra” which means soil and the word “aquarium”. A terrarium means a soil aquarium or a miniature plant ecosystem, which has its own cycle just like the nature…

How to Make a Kokedama

How to Make a Kokedama: A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Your Own Living Art

Japan is the country of origin for bonsai, and it is an old, method of gardening. In bonsai a plant is grown so compact and tightly, then when it is removed from its shallow base, the plant holds its well-grown roots and soil-forming a compact ball. Kokedama is a style of Japanese Bonsai where you…